About Us

What We Do

Every one of our artisanal hot sauces is made right here in Florida from only the freshest ingredients. Our hot sauces brings out the best flavors in whatever pepper we are using. Small batch craft hot sauces available all year round. We even have homemade hot sauce recipes and short videos on how to spice up basic ingredients!



Who is Chef BDK?

BDK Sauce World was founded by Akim JnoPierre, a man with a deep love for the culinary world and gardening. What began as a curious interest making batches of hot sauce, has grown into BDK Sauce World! We focus on different artisan hot sauces using typical farm found products, as they bring out the best flavors once done the right way.


  • Small batches, with big flavor.
  • Intentionally crafted with straightforward ingredients.
  • Not overwhelmingly spicy to consumers. 
  • Good with anything and everything.